A Piece of My Mind: Last days are dangerous, the KKD factor


One of the unresolved mysteries of 2014 is the disappearance of a Malaysian Airline Flight MH370 with 227 passengers and 12-member crew on 8th March. Another one, which is very close to us, is the disappearance of Hip-Life Musician Castro and his female friend who went jet skiing on the Volta Lake. We thought the mysteries were enough for 2014 but just this morning, another Asian Airline goes missing with 162 passengers including 17 children and 7 Airline crew.

It is just three days to the end of 2014, and news just came in that some girl called Effe is accusing one of Ghana’s finest entertainment and fashion icons, KKD (Kwesi Kyei Darkwa) of rape. The news sent the shivers down the spine of almost everyone who heard it; at least the ones I saw.

I would guess that KKD might have thought to himself that “thank God the year is coming to an end and nothing evil has happened to me.” But that thought was obviously not enough to prevent this misfortune, which we are told he has denied vehemently. The matter is with the police. But I bet, even though nothing has been proven, KKD never thought 2014 would go down with such a stain on his hard-earned image.

People, the year is not over yet and anything at all can happen to you, good or bad. We all hope for good things. I believe people are praying some last minute prayers for the best to happen to them before the year finally ends. Indeed, the average Ghanaian would tell you the year, generally did not go well. So people are expecting some last minute breakthrough. Good may come your way, but last minutes could also be dangerous, and KKD knows that better.

Back in senior High, our teachers used to say last days are dangerous, especially when we had just a few days to go home for vacation. Weeks before we went home for holidays, they warned us and kept saying, ‘last days are dangerous!’ and yes, they are. The most painful thing was when you had lived in school the whole semester without breaking any of the school rules but you fall victim to the rules just a few days, sometimes hours to vacation, and throughout the vacation, all you think about is the punishment you would face when school resumes.

I remember how most final year students get expelled, debordenised or were refused to write their final examinations for breaking school rules. Most of us felt we were almost out of the school so we did not mind breaking school rules and it caused some people their final examinations.

Those who were in my year group in Senior High can bear witness to a story of a first-year student who joined some final year student and broke bounds a few days before vacation. They were caught and the senior housemistress said the School’s Disciplinary Committee was on break so they could only get punished after school resumed. Before school reopened, we heard rumours of a first-year student’s death and guess who it was, that particular first-year student. Living in Ghana and knowing how most Ghanaian parents react to some of these things, I would imagine the young lady could not open up to her parents before her death and kept thinking of the punishment.

We often hear stories of misfortunes that come the way of people who are about to get married a night before the wedding day. Sometimes, unexpected things happen on the wedding day itself. The most recent one I heard about was when the groom was about to enter the car to go for the wedding and his trousers got torn badly.  This was at the last minute.

People have also told several stories about misfortunes they met a night or few days before a very important trip. There is something about last days that make people nervous, go gay, or even sometimes misfortunes occur. I am not too sure if that is the same fever that catches people when the year is drawing to a close. But it is important we pay attention to the last days’ imminent dangers and step rightly. My pastor always says “if you can’t do anything, you can pray.” Be watchful, be careful before you take any step within these last three days. But above all, take my pastor’s advice. Be Prayerful.

2015 is just a stone throw away, and in our minds, we are already there. But this is the time many things can happen, good and bad. This is just to serve as a reminder to everyone, stay safe, stay out of trouble and live to see 2015.

Akosua Asiedua Akuffo


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