Inside Asiedua’s chest- My divorce a day after my wedding day Pt. 2

Although I loved Jo so much, I had to let him go. He was the man I was going to live with for the rest of my life and I couldn’t live doubting him forever. Honestly, trusting him again was going to be very difficult. I do not regret divorcing him. Maybe what happened was bound to happen for them to find their ways back to each other.

The post-divorce trauma was not easy to get over. My life was halted for about a year because of what happened. The 24/7 attention the family gave me was just unbearable; they monitored my every move as they feared I could hurt myself. I wanted to get away from everything to heal completely. I went to spend some time with my auntie and her family in London. I hated to hear Joojo’s name and anything that had to do with him or marriage. Why me? A day never passed without me asking myself this question.

It was just too hard to forget everything like that and move on. I barely spoke to anyone in my auntie’s house. A psychologist was hired but I refused to speak with her. I could watch TV and listen to emotional songs all day but the whole thing flashed back whenever I heard or saw anything that had to do with weddings, marriages or relationships.

Then a new addiction came in – listening to motivational speakers and reading motivational books. I learned from one speaker that talking to someone could help. I tried to talk to the psychologist but what made me feel better was scripting it so I started. The story was done and posted on myjoyonline.com for the world to read it and learn from it. Joojo wrote an article published on the same platform, telling all sorts of lies about how he left me to marry the woman he cheated on me with on the eve of our wedding!

“I was deceived by the devil, baby, pleases forgive me” I still remember these words from Jo when he was explaining to me why he slept with his ex-girlfriend on the eve of our wedding. And now he is married to her? Wonders happen!

I haven’t tried picking up a relationship with anyone after Joojo but loving and trusting someone again will be very difficult. I have forgiven him, not because Joojo deserves it but because I deserve peace, but the lies, I can’t let that go, Jo has to come back and tell the whole world the truth and stop confusing people!

I never knew Joojo could lie this bad! I am surprised that he did not explain any of the claims I made against him in my write-up ‘Inside Asiedua’s chest- My divorce a day after my wedding’. The title of his article ‘Why I left Asiedua to marry Gloria’ and I am still wondering why he wrote it in the first place…bad grammatical constructions…no coherence…and telling a totally different story instead of rebutting! How bad! I was so disappointed after reading it.

The ‘arrangement of vehicle for Asiedua after work part’, the ‘Asiedua doesn’t like ‘dumsor’ and demolition parts’, are all lies! He did that just to divert attention from the main issue and he has to come back and explain!

Jo would rather come to my office after work each day to wait for me to drop him off at Dome where he lives before driving home. I have always known the opportunistic side of Joojo and his inability to speak or write good English but of course, love goes beyond all these. I did not mean to say all these about him but I have been forced to. How I wish I wasn’t doing this with him publicly. Upon everything, I still remember the great times we shared and it never crossed my mind it was going to end like this – ‘s3 odo sa a na ato adapaa ampa!’

I wish him and his new wife well; I just hope he gets the courage to tell everyone the truth, whenever he is asked about our divorce. Anyone who has been in the shoes of the character (Asiedua) has seen real pain because imagining it and writing about it is not easy! I was provoked to revisit this issue by that lazy, incompetent, distorted article he wrote demonstrating clearly that he is unrepentant. I do not want to be drawn into a needless endless banter with him. It is energy-sapping.

But if he dares me again with a similar hail of lies, I will return, this time with vengeance!













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