Inside Asiedua’s chest: Joy FM’s ‘skinniest four’


So what is this whole fuss about weight? Where from the notion in Africa, especially in Ghana, that all skinny people probably have problems or have bad eating habits and why do people believe that others become fat or gain weight when they have no worries? hmm!

Of course some people lose weight due to broken hearts or bad eating habits and some get pot bellies once they start to make some money. But, it does not cut across. Does it?

It gets frustrating sometimes when people see ‘skinny’ people and ask all sorts of questions like are you okay? Do you eat at all? Is anyone bothering you? I mean it’s sometimes annoying! And oh, the questions about flat tummies: Where is your stomach? Really, do people actually expect size six ladies to have pot bellies? hahahah.

Beatrice Abena Adu, an Anchorwoman at Joy FM is strikingly slim. She is a proud size six and her deft flare for style makes her turn heads all the time. Her level of fluency and command over the English language make me want to be like her each time I see her.

Beatrice has the amazing voice behind the 6am news on Joy FM on week days. You can easily recollect the lines below if you have been listening.

“Hello good morning. Welcome to JOYNEWS at 6….

The news is live on Joy 99.7 FM, also on LUV 99.5 FM, affiliates across the country and worldwide at myjoyonline.com…”

And this line too “For more news, log on to myjoyonline.com.”

Beatrice tells me she often does not have appetite for food due to the nature of her job. Could that be the reason behind her flat tummy?

Beatrice Adu

“I go out at any time to conduct interviews and I get so busy that I sometimes forget to eat so I don’t really have a scheduled eating habit. But I am not like this because of my eating habit, I am just like this,” she says.

Teasing skinny people at homes, schools and workplaces is very common. They are given nicknames like ‘Inchanga’, ‘Innorma’, ‘Olenge’ and some say ‘Obolo’ when they want to be sarcastic.

Faustine Naa Sakwaba, also lissome, works at Myjoyonline.com and has some experiences to share. She tells me she is the skinniest in her family. Guess her nickname?

“They called me ‘Mosquito’ from primary school through to junior high school. My family got to know about it and polished the nickname to ‘A-mosquito’, can you imagine!” she tells me.

But I hope you don’t start calling her that too. Hahaha

“But interestingly my pictures show that I was chubby cutie with plump legs when I was a baby and that is why my mother simply cannot get why I have reduced to this size.  What makes it worse was that I gained some weight in my senior high school days,” she said.

Naa says her mother actually took her to the hospital for tests sometime back. Yeah Really! She did.

“The doctor told her there was nothing wrong with me but she insisted. She and my father forced me to take vitamins every time and it gets so frustrating sometimes,” she said.

It really does Naa. My mum would remind me of my weight somewhere in my second year at the senior high school.

I’m still unable to remember what made me that plump at the time, but honestly, I did not like it. My cheeks were bigger, my arms…I mean every part of my body was big. And my mother was so excited about it that she wanted me to remain like that.

Funny thing is she takes a mixture of lemon and water every morning to shed off some fat. Yes she does! Lol. So why does she want me to be who she is running away from being? Lol

Isn’t it interesting how peeps who are overweight try so hard to lose weight to be in shape for all those sexy clothes but skinny peeps try to eat everything to gain a little weight sometimes?

From left- Daryl, Beatrice, Faustine and Edwin.

One thing that is also considered a worry for skinny people is finding perfect fitting clothes. Some go through real hard times, especially those living in our part of the world.

Unlike elsewhere that you get all sizes of clothes in shops, over here you can literally roam the whole of Kantamanto (arguably Ghana’s biggest second-hand clothing market) without getting the perfect size of any clothe you want. You either have to buy the bigger sizes and ulterate them or buy a fabric and sew. How stressful!

Introducing to you next is Edwin Appiah, an online Journalist at Multimedia and the third of the ‘Skinniest Four’ in the company. He tells me he goes through real hard time getting his size of clothes and shoes. Yes shoes too!

“With a size 30, I find it really hard getting shoes of my choice. With my shirts and trousers I either have to get it trimmed or forget buying it” he said.

So he often likes to wear African print, the sewing is within his control and shopping for clothes just doesn’t make the list of things that make him smile.

From right- Edwin in a designed African print, Faustine and Asiedua

From right-Edwin, Faustine and Asiedua

He thinks his weight is genetic but others accuse him of shunning food. How can being underweight be genetic when your DNA is just fine?

Do skinny people worry about their sizes sometimes? Well Daryl Kwawu, also of Joy FM – tells me he does.

“In 2010, one of my resolutions was to gain some weight and look plump. It was a whole project to become fat. I drunk ‘maskey’ (mashed kenkey) every night before bed, milk and malt was like water for me,” Daryl said.

Mr Kwawu is a lean man with spindly arms and legs, I wonder if he did sports in school. Interestingly, I am yet to see him in a shirt that fits him really well. Daryl’s shirts never fit, maybe it is deliberate. I wasn’t bold enough to ask him about it though. And oh maybe he wears such shirts only for work. Lol


After about six months trying, Daryl did not see any progress “so I gave up and said maybe fatness comes from God,” he said. He says he also finds consolation in the fact that most people are unable to determine his real age because of his size. Funny but I asked him if he has ever had a thing for fat women. He said “No, my beloved is like a size twelve.”

His mother tells him according to a trend in the family, he will put up some weight at age forty and that for him is a consolation fact.

Daryl’s curvy fiancée tells me she factored his size before accepting him but his other qualities outweighed the size.

“Daryl is God-fearing, hardworking and a very deep thinker and these are the major things I look out for in a man. His size was a factor too but the others outweighed it,”

Daryl tells me he will carry her on their wedding day, something I will not miss for anything.

I know some of you are disappointed to know that I am not one of ‘the skinniest four’ in the company. I actually graduated from the group some few months ago.

Gone are the days when seeing people who were skinnier than I, made me extremely happy and I would call everyone to see them.

About the ‘courses’ I read to graduate from the skinny zone, you might have to contact me privately for more details. Until then, enjoy.


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