Why I broke up with Asiedua to marry Gloria

Life is a simple step. I know you all can attest to the fact that when a man finds a beautiful woman, and I mean a BEAUTIFUL woman walking gracefully and exuding a confident serenity with tenderness of a calf and innocence of a primary school girl, the temptation is to hold your breath and walk up to her. That was exactly what I did.

That was how I met Asiedua. A very pretty young lady with all the trappings of a cosmopolitan, enlightened lady and promises to love a man for who he is, twisting her small waist and lighting up the studio with those smiles, she was the perfect choice for me. Her dressing, oh God, she dressed to kill.

Her tantalizingly provocative boobs caught the eye of everyone; her lips brightened with red lipstick and those big eyes laid in the socket humbly and peacefully.

Yes, in the beginning, she showed the signs of a true lover, she would call me several times in a day just to say, “Hi baby, was wondering how your voice sounds like at 3:23pm, at 4:45pm.” These things did really entice me.

I thought I had found the real woman of my dreams. For me, a guy who has chanced upon an angel without any difficulty, I did my best to pick her calls, buy her food and drive her safely home.

The first night I saw her parents, I immediately fell to ground in humility and kissed their feet. Anyways, that was what I needed to do to win their trust and assure them that if there was a man suitable for their well-bred daughter it was me.

Her father, Mr. Asiedu, is a great man. He counseled me greatly especially on the things Asiedua liked and the ones she hated. Asiedua didn’t like watching cartoons, she didn’t like darkness, she hated the depreciation of the cedi and when she is not given a month’s notice on a demolition that happens in an area of her concern, she get angry. That was when I realized I was in a big trouble.

But, for the sort of things that Asiedua didn’t like, I realized I couldn’t survive with her. Besides, wasn’t her father aware of the situation in Ghana? Consistent darkness, which will be a normal exposure with us staying in Kumasi after the marriage.

With the cartoons, apart from the job I am doing, I own a cartoon firm. Also, just a week after our honeymoon, the Kumasi Mayor decided to demolish the area. For the cedi depreciating against the dollar, only God knows whether Asiedua can survive this.

But, Gloria, oh, what a lady. She was fair and tall. What a woman. The likes of Edem Knight-Tay in the making. She was this gorgeous looking young woman, who walked with style and swag. Her dressing was more of an entertainment industry artist manager. She strolled the corridors of Joy FM with her hat, adding a perfect correlation to her dressing.

Gloria drove her own car, so I needed not disturb myself booking a car to drive her home always, like what I did to impress Asiedua. Actually, I was doing this every day for Asiedua, costing me more than I earned a month. Calling on friends for financial aid became the order of the day for me.

But when Gloria came with that her luxury car, cost went down, and income came up small. She didn’t like the idea of me buying her lunch or taking her to a place for us to chill, she preferred paying for all those. What a love she had for me…. I mean we shared.

In the mornings, she would pick her phone and call me. I remember one time when she called me, I smiled to myself, ‘oh my God, and that is the woman of my dreams’. Before I picked the call, I brushed my teeth, watched my mouth and in a relaxed mood, answered a call that had in like 10mins. Odo paa nieee.

She would smile at the other side of the phone and twerk her neck to the left side of her shoulders, even though I was not there, I knew God was revealing it to me some way or the other.

So, on the wedding day, I went to Asiedua’s home. Fortunately enough, her parents were there with her. She met me with a peck and led me inside the corridor. Taking a seat, I could feel my heart beat out of my chest.

Her parents smiled to me and I responded with a quick one. Then I broke the story as to why I could not marry Asiedua. I put all the blame on me. I wasn’t good for her. I was leaving in an area where darkness is our definition, I told them I was a member of the team that is making sure the cedi never appreciates and that, the Kumasi Mayor had planned to demolish an area for our wedding.

Instantly, they lost the love for me, her father’s mood changed towards me. He asked me…

Gentleman, what work do you do?

The I answered.. “I work with the Finance ministry, part of the depreciation team.”

You could see the man ‘bore rough’. Then he went ahead to ask me the next question..

“Where do you live?”

Then immediately, Sodom and Gomorrah and Racecourse came to mind.

“Race Course”, I answered.

His eyes glistened with rage. Angrily, he asked me to leave his house, which I did in good faith. That was how I broke up with Asiedua, telling her that, the father was not interested in a guy who works with the finance ministry on part-time and a man who has a mayor as a friend and ready to demolish an area for his wedding.

Gloria was on my mind now.

Asiedua rushed to write an article trying to make me look like the devil. I have no regrets at all.

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